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Teacher training

Science Oxford ran some ENGINEER teacher training at the All Saints Academy in Cheltenham in the UK.  This video shows some of the highlights of the day as well as feedback from the teachers involved.

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How to give the taste for science to younger

An article on the challenge “Ingénieur en Herbe” has been published on the website of technological industries.

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Challenge “ingenieur en herbe”

On 13 May,  2014,  15 classes of primary school have participated in the challenge “ingenieur en herbe” organized by the Musée des arts et métiers. An article published on the website the Rectorate of paris recounts this event.

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On May 13, 2013, the Technology Pact was signed by many actors: industries, regional and central governments, schools and educational institutions. The pact includes 22 concrete actions on which all actors agreed. The pact tries to improve the connection between education and the technology sector and thereby reduce the shortage of technical staff.

On the 19th of May,  a new app for Iphone has been launched: Techniekpact. (can be downloaded on the Appstore for iPhones, “techniekpact 2020’”, it is also available for Android phones on the Play store).

Techniekpact is improving the connection between education and the labor market in the technology sector and tries to reduce the shortage of technical staff.


Here is an article written by Science Business after the journalist attended the Shell event

Reading, writing and arithmetic are all very well but early learning doesn’t do enough to connect children’s brains with their hands.

The scene was Shell’s global headquarters in the Hague last week, and Maya Halevy, director of the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem was, “selling a new kind of teaching” to an audience of teachers and science museum coordinators.

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